Squashfs in mainline kernel 2.6.29

One thing I loved following the Linux Kernel development discussion is the wit of those “mutant super geniuses” and humorous dialogues exchanged between them.

Though Squashfs has been in use for a long time – used by virtually every distro with a LiveCD, it wasn’t part of the mainline Linux kernel. The merge request came during the 2.6.29 merge window. It was found to be a ‘not much invasive’ code during the review, and finally pulled by Linus.

And, look at the comments:

  • Merge it! We have long needed a filesystem named after a vegetable” – Andrew Morton.
  • You make a very compelling case.” – Linus Torvalds.
  • And vegetables are much healthier than FAT…” – Alan Cox.
  • I always preferred my squash with butter, it appears 2.6.30 will be a very tasty kernel.” – Harvey Harrison.



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