ImageMagick and Unicode

echo "രജീഷ്" |‌ convert -pointsize 48 label:@- image.png gives me nothing but a series of ‘?’ marks of 48 points in the output image.

And convert -font Arial label:'Something' something.png gives me error “convert: unable to read font `Arial'.” instead of a nice image with ‘Something’ in Arial font.

So, what’s the solution? List the fonts available. No, fc-list doesn’t help. You need to use the exact name in the output list of  convert -list font to work. There I see Rachana font listed as Rachana-Regular.

And then,

convert -font Rachana-Regular -pointsize 48 label:'രജീഷ്' img_magick.png




5 responses to “ImageMagick and Unicode”

  1. Thanks a lot. I was trying to do the same with ascii fonts(iscii fonts) to generate some random sample of text. It was able to generate for some text, but some symbols were missing! I will check these now.

  2. Unfortunately, not. ImageMagick doesn’t support complex shaping required for Malayalam script.
    You can, instead, use the `hb-view’ tool from harfbuzz suite. Simply do:
    hb-view –text=”ചൊവ്വ” –font-file=/path/to/Meera.ttf –output-file=chovva.png

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