Kuttans – another frontend for Payyans

Few months ago I released Chathans, a frontend to the Payyans ASCII <=> Unicode converter. Few weeks later, Santhosh forwarded a mail from Rahul with another neat implementation of a frontend completely written in Qt4. He named it Kuttans as a pun on Qt+Payyans.

I liked the User Interface at the first look. But it was using “system()” call to interact with Payyans. So we decided to reimplement it in PyQt4. Based on the UI designed in Qt Creator, the python ui class is generated with pyuic4; and the resources (icons…) with pyrcc4 (both from the PyQt4-devel) package.

Features include:

  • Support for Creating, Displaying, Editing and Saving ASCII/Unicode files
  • Support for all available fonts. Useful in determining the ASCII font if the font is not known for original ASCII document
  • All the standard Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo functionalities


RPM package and source tar ball can be obtained from Savannah repository. Source can be browsed in Savannah git repo.

Future improvements:

  • Support for displaying PDF files (using python bindings for poppler-qt4)
  • .deb package for Debian/Ubuntu

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