So, recently I saw this Dell++ in Fedora planet. And just over a week ago, my Dell Vostro 1520 started to give trouble with internal audio speakers. A lot of crackling noise and high treble, which was annoying considering the fact that I finish 2-3 movies over a weekend. Then the right internal speaker decided to go completely mute. And then the left speakers also started to fail.

That’s when I decided to raise a support ticket. So I just went to the support link and filled up the form accordingly. The same day, I received their first response asking for more details and confirmation, and I replied to them. As with Yaakov’s case, I had bought the laptop in US and so they sent me another mail to initiate the process of transferring the ownership to India. The next day they just informed that a request to replace the motherboard and palmrest are raised and it would take 3-5 business days for me to receive them. In 2 days I received the replacement, and the hardware technician was ready to come the same day, but I had to leave to office, and they agreed to come over the weekend. On Saturday the guy came over and in half an hour he replaced it, and it works great.

There were no dumb explanations required over the phone, no arguments, no frustrations, no nothing. So, here’s a big thanks Dell, for handling the issue so nicely!


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