ExMan 0.4.5 released!

The new release of ExMan – 0.4.5 – is packed with shiny new features. Source code, RPMs and DEB for Ubuntu can be found at the sf.net project page.

ExMan with formula

Features added in this release are:

  • Support for Formula: I’ve been looking for a simple expression evaluator which could do the purpose. I looked into KOffice source code et al, and they were all complex because they were supposed to handle such complex things. I had a pretty old expression tree evaluator C++ class which I had written when I was in college, but it was literally building a tree of expression and then evaluates it. So I had this option if I couldn’t find anything simpler and cleaner. Thanks to the dvisvgm program which is also part of the LaTeX source code, found a simple expression evaluator implemented as a Recursive Descent Parser (which I guess is the most suitable one for arithmetic expressions), and the credit goes to my friend Deepak Lukose for pointing me to dvisvgm.
    Note: The grammar rules of a recursive descent parser is pretty simple and straight forward, and it is appropriate for the expression evaluation.
    expr: [+|-] term {+|- term}
    term: prim {*|/ prim}
    prim: [ident|number|(expr)]
  • Status Bar: Well, it took me a while to get this incorporated, because the main window of ExMan is not a QMainWindow class, but a QWidget. And there’s no option to drag and drop a QStatusBar in QtCreator. So, just edit the exmanwindow.ui file to add the tag <widget name=”statusBar”/> inside the ExManWindow QWidget. This will make the status bar to appear in the ui design section of QtCreator, and then it can be arranged appropriately.
  • What’s Next? I couldn’t find a way to make the QFrame to adjust its size automatically when the parent QWidget is resized, even though the sizePolicy is set to {Preferred, Preferred}.

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