Okular: another improvement to annotation

Continuing with the addition of line terminating style for the Straight Line annotation tool, I have added the ability to select the line start style also. The required code changes are committed today. Currently it is supported only for PDF documents (and poppler version ≥ 0.72), but that will change soon — thanks to anotherContinue reading “Okular: another improvement to annotation”

Okular: improved PDF annotation tool

Okular, KDE’s document viewer has very good support for annotating/reviewing/commenting documents. Okular supports a wide variety of annotation tools out-of-the-box (enable the ‘Review’ tool [F6] and see for yourself) and even more can be configured (such as the ‘Strikeout’ tool) — right click on the annotation tool bar and click ‘Configure Annotations’. One of theContinue reading “Okular: improved PDF annotation tool”

Akademy 2015 – where awesome things happen

Day 0: Reached La Coruña on Friday 24th evening in time for the pre-registration event to attend my first Akademy. I met a few familiar faces and Jonathan Riddell introduced to many hackers. Later in the night we witnessed the interesting Galician ceremony of calling spirits. Day 1: Matthias Kirschner, the vice president of FSFE, delivered his keynoteContinue reading “Akademy 2015 – where awesome things happen”