The VM bug that delayed Linux-2.6.34-rc4

Arguably, the most complex area in Operating Systems is – memory management. i.e, managing the Virtual Memory (VM). Linux-2.6.34-rc3 had been out on March 30 and after nearly 2 weeks, -rc4 has not yet appeared.And the reason? Well, we are going to look at it. The anon_vma scalability patches submitted by Rik Van Riel wasContinue reading “The VM bug that delayed Linux-2.6.34-rc4”

Ext3 ‘data=guarded’ mode coming for Linux kernel 2.6.30?

In the light of recent “Ext3 fsync” problem related discussions happened in the Linux Kernel mailing list involving many experts in the field, there has been quite a few improvements. There were some patches from Theodore T’so – the Ext4 maintainer, Jens Axboe – the block layer maintainer, Chris Mason – the Btrfs developer etContinue reading “Ext3 ‘data=guarded’ mode coming for Linux kernel 2.6.30?”