Bluetooth NAP tethering support in KDE Plasma NM

Recently, Plasma Network Management applet gained ability for bluetooth tethering. The initial support was only for DUN (Dial Up Networking), but not for PAN (Personal Area Network) or NAP (Network Access Point). Sat a whole day staring at KDE networkmanagement code and GNOME network-manager-applet to figure out how to extend this to NAP (my phoneContinue reading “Bluetooth NAP tethering support in KDE Plasma NM”

State of the KDE NetworkManagement

Ever since KDE 4 NetworkManager introduced, I’ve been playing with it. knetworkmanager was fairly usable then, but with various limitations including lack of support for mobile broadband devices. Knetworkmanager has been deprecated, and the replacement is kde-plasma-networkmanagement applet. Lamarque Souza has been working on incorporating the mobile broadband support, and integration of ModemManager into Solid,Continue reading “State of the KDE NetworkManagement”

Mobile broadband : NetworkManager, you are the man!

Last night, I received a USB mobile broadband modem (commonly called Datacard, from Tataindicom) from my project manager as I’ll be away for a week and have to connect remotely. I took it to the Windows XP machine, connected to USB port, and got a bubble “Your hardware is not recogzined” message after those funnyContinue reading “Mobile broadband : NetworkManager, you are the man!”